Happy 4th of July!!!!

You want some ways to keep your weekend as healthy as your weekday??
1. Get in a longer workout. Usually we have more free time during the weekend than during the weekday. Take advantage of the time and extend your workout by 15-20 minutes.
2. Eat like it’s a weekday.
3. TRY to stick to your usual sleep schedule. Changing your sleep schedule can throw off when you eat, workouts, and obviously your sleeping habits. It can also make it harder to sleep on Sunday when Monday is right around the corner.
4. Get outdoors!!!!
5. LImit your drinks. As I pointed out earlier this week calories can really add up when you drink certain beverages (wine, beer, pop, etc.).
6. Plan for relaxation. Most of us are on the go, go, go during the week. Take advantage of some of your free time and just chill. Whether it be going to a movie, hanging with friends, working on a hobby, etc.
7. Break the on -again, off-again diet mentality. Try to stay (eat) clean during the weekend also.
8. Weigh in on Monday morning. This helps us stay accountable over the weekend. If we notice that we’re a pound or two heavier that could be the motavation to work alittle bit harder during the weekends.
10. Plan for the week ahead. This helps us stay accountable and reduce the chance of us slipping during the week. Pre-plan your meals; workouts, etc.